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The Moosey Calendars started off in a small way in the year 2006, as personal Christmas gifts for family and friends. From little acorns mighty oaks do grow! Now my calendars are free for all to download, print and enjoy.

The General Gardening calendar came first - with its policy of seasonal integrity, a most important feature! There was to be no fiddling with the seasons - sneaking summer photographs into a winter month was not allowed! Haru the pet lamb was chosen to represent the first spring month.

Then I created a Moosey Animals Calendar (strictly cats and dog), and sent one to my cat-loving friend. Success! She agrees with me - my white cat B-Puss is the most beautiful cat in the whole world!

This is just the beginning. There will soon be a Moosey Calendar for each section, and anyone who's interested can download and print them at home. Poultry fanciers may be disappointed, though - I refuse to produce a Rooster Calendar, since he tends to run and peck at me.
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I hope you'll enjoy choosing your calendar. Hopefully you'll see some of your favourite Moosey images. All my 2007 Moosey Journeys Calendars are in PDF format, and can be downloaded and printed for no charge. If you really love yours, and want to show your appreciation, then please make a small donation to your local animal shelter, or a local commumity charity. That way we all help our local environment, and the whole world benefits - brilliant!

Garden Life Calendar 2009Garden Life Calendar 2009...
Sat 10th Jan 2009
My latest 2009 Garden Calendar is an attempt to encapsulate a year in the life of the Moosey garden, its pets and people. I've cheated just a little - there are no seriously cold winter photographs. Who needs these?
Colours Calendar 2009Colours Calendar 2009...
Sat 27th Sep 2008
Colour in the garden gives so much energy and life, from flowers and foliage to the big blue sky above. My Moosey Colours Calendar has all the colours of the rainbow - and just a touch of nature's greenery.
Garden Calendar 2009Garden Calendar 2009...
Tue 23rd Sep 2008
The Moosey Garden is in the Southern Hemisphere, where mid-summer comes at Christmas time. So the Moosey Garden Calendar has a good excuse to get its seasonal images a bit mixed up - rhododendrons in October, autumn leaves in April... Here's the 2009 version.
Garden Partners Calendar 2009Garden Partners Calendar 2009...
Mon 22nd Sep 2008
The Moosey Garden Partners Calendar, 2009 version, gives me the chance to show my most successful pictures of garden companions. All gardeners understand the value of good neighbours - and plants in the garden do, too.
Cats and Dog Calendar 2009Cats and Dog Calendar 2009...
Sat 20th Sep 2008
The Moosey Garden is always home to various cats and a dog, and naturally they are much loved and much photographed. I always have a gardening cat or dog keeping me company. My 2009 Cats (and Dog) Calendar features some of the younger cats as well as the old favourites.
New Zealand Journeys Calendar 2009New Zealand Journeys Calendar 2009...
Sat 20th Sep 2008
Beautiful New Zealand - a clean green land which is so proud of its scenery. I've created a calendar with photographs from my many journeys hiking in the mountains and valleys of Canterbury, in the South Island. This is the 2009 version.
Roses-1 Calendar 2009Roses-1 Calendar 2009...
Fri 19th Sep 2008
The first Moosey Roses Calendar has been updated to 2009, and all its roses are homegrown. I've had fun choosing my favourite rose photographs - but which beauties to leave out? There's been no subtle air-brushing to remove black spot off the leaves, either.
Roses-2 Calendar 2009Roses-2 Calendar 2009...
Wed 17th Sep 2008
For the second Moosey Roses Calendar I've gone further afield than the confines of my own shrubby rose garden to choose the images. You'll enjoy the luscious colours of Sam McGredy's hybrid teas, photographed in the Botanic Gardens. I couldn't resist the home-grown Rhapsody in Blue...
Flowers Calendar 2009Flowers Calendar 2009...
Wed 17th Sep 2008
Before the 2009 gardening year even gets started, I'd like to present the Moosey Flowers Calendar for 2009. I've used photographs from my own garden - only picking the freshest and the best. No weeds are allowed!

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