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Free Animated Tutorial (Video and Audio) of 3D Garden Composer landscape design software is available now.

You can have a look at your garden in different seasons and see it changing after a number of years. Learn how to prevent and treat various pests and diseases. Extended search will help you to find the best plants for your yard. You can also design and build multi-level houses, edifices, bridges, patios, arbors and fences. Develop your landscaping ideas and watch them being realized.

# Garden Designer has 800 3D plant objects, 400 3D pre-designed objects and 100 material textures.

# Plant Encyclopedia has 15,000 plants, 22,500 images. Includes trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

# Photo Designer allows you to design a plan based on digital photos.

# Photo Editor providing you with Digital images, which can be used within the program as textures and backgrounds.

# Animated Tutorial with 3 hours of video helps you to become familiar with the main features.

# Guide to prevention and treatment of 370 garden pests with 650 illustrated images of plant diseases.

# 3D virtual tour of the garden and 3D glasses are supported.

# Comprehensive search for the best plants for your garden and a wide range of garden tools.

# More than 30 pre-designed garden plans and 100 animations for plant care.

# Ability to view garden design throughout different seasons and years.

# Use a GPS device for a precise survey

Garden Composer landscape design software is available now.

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