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No more crawling along on hands and knees, creating crooked rows, and wasting good gardening time!

This lightweight but very durable little planting cart does it all!
Sow your veggies in a single morning and plant even large gardens with precision and ease using the Seeder/Feeder cart! Simply load up your seeds, fertilizer, and a cool drink, and you're ready to go!
This zinc-plated steel two-wheeled cart is lightweight and easy to manuevre, with a row marker that descends from either side of the main cart with a flick of your wrist, cutting a neat groove into the soil 30 inches from the row you are planting. (As you plant one row, you carve out the next!) Your seeds are poured into a funnel-shaped compartment fitted with a template that drops them evenly onto the soil. (The Seeder/Feeder comes complete with templates for all size seeds!) Behind the seed funnel, a second compartment disperses your fertilizer right onto the newly-planted spot! You've just saved yourself an entire "second round" in the garden, AND made sure that your crops get just the right amount of food, with no waste or missed spots.

The row marker swings to either the right or left side of the cart, or may be kept upright if you are planting a single (or final!) row. There's even a generously sized pouch right under the handles of the cart for storing a bottle of water, spare seed packets, or a portable radio or CD player to keep you company as you plant!

Easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and designed for several lifetimes of use, the Seeder/Feeder is 36 1/2 inches tall to the handles, 30 inches long from front wheel to rear, and with the row marker extended, 38 inches wide. The handles are easy to grip, and remove by unscrweing two bolts if you want to hang the unit on the garage wall or store it flat at season's end. Simple, efficient, and very economical, the Garden Seeder/Feeder is your crops' best friend! Shipping weight is 14 lbs.

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