Garden Problem Solvers Disarming Weeds Before They Explode
About Problem Solvers

Whoa - what the heck is attacking my shrub!? How can I get anything to grow in my shady yard? And curse these pesky weeds - what can I do to stop them from invading my flower beds?

No matter how beautiful the garden, ugly problems are sure to pop up on occasion (or for many of us, on a regular basis). But when that happens, don't panic. Let our Problem Solvers help you put an end to the ugly.

Protect your plants from dying in winter. Identify – then stop – those nasty bugs infesting your favorite plant. And don’t let the weeds win! Our Learn2Grow gardening experts have seen it all, and they're prepared to help you fight the garden pains - from difficult growing conditions to freaky little bugs making a feast out of your beloved houseplant.

So learn how to properly water. Learn how to take care of your lawn. And learn how to become your garden’s hero – and the best problem-solver ever!

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