Fruit Production for the Home Gardener: A Comprehensive Guide
Fruit Production for the Home Gardener has been developed as a resource for people who wish to produce fruit on a small scale (one acre or less) and who are not legally licensed to use pesticides. Production guides for commercial growers are also available from Penn State Cooperative Extension. This site mirrors the printed guide and emphasizes the most recently developed production methods that use alternative pest control strategies such as integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce pesticide use. To use such systems, the grower needs to have a complete understanding of the fruit planting as an entire system.

The following specialists have contributed to this guide:

Robert M. Crassweller, coordinator, professor of tree fruit--apples, pears, stone fruit
Kathy Demchak, senior extension associate
Elsa Sanchez, assistant professor of horticultural systems

Greg Krawczyk, research assistant in entomology--apples, pears, stone fruit
Michael Saunders, professor of entomology--grapes

Forest Resources
Gary San Julian, professor of wildlife resources--deer and animal control

Plant Pathology
Jo Rytter, research assistant in plant pathology--apples, pears, stone fruit, brambles, strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants
James Travis, professor of plant pathology--apples, pears, stone fruit, grapes, brambles, strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants, elderberries
John Halbrendt, associate professor of plant pathology--nematology

Pesticide Education
Sharon Gripp, database administrator/Webmaster
Rick Johnson, urban initiative specialist

See also the (commercial) Pennsylvania Tree Fruit Production Guide.

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For questions or comments about this guide, contact

Rob Crassweller
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