Free Do It Yourself Landscape Design Ideas
Free Landscape And Design Ideas

The landscape design ideas on this page are free for you to use and get examples from. These are actual pictures of designs that have been created and built for our own clients.

NOTE: Some of these landscaping designs are large files and may take a while to load. Please be patient.

Circular Drive Design
This landscape uses different bed levels to create effect. It was created for a front yard island circle drive but can be adapted to many applications including inexpensive small gardens.

Shady Odd Shaped Landscaping
This landscape is of an odd shaped front yard lot combined with extreme shade. A simple plan with a few good ideas.

Free Southwest Landscape Design Ideas
This is an example of a southwest, Santa Fe style landscape. We used a lot of free curves in this design which gave the illusion of even more space. We've also added some pics of this project in progress.

Small Garden Design
This small garden design also uses curves to create the illusion of more space. Feel free to use ideas from this one for small gardens, entry ways, or back patios.

Small Gardens Idea
Here's another small gardens idea. This one will work well in a small square or rectangular area.

Small Xeriscape Garden Design
This Southwest landscaping idea could be a great way to tastefully fill up an unused space or entry way.

Rustic, Old Style Landscape
This example is of a rustic style old-time front yard landscape. It's one of the projects we're currently on as of 06-21-03. I'm using this design example to show that there is elegance in simplicity.

Sunken Swimming Pool Small Garden Idea
In this picture we transformed an unwanted swimming pool into a sunken, brick patio, small garden. Although not many people will do this with an old pool, these are still cool ideas.

Santa Fe Xeriscape Design For A Sloped Lot
This free Southwest Santa Fe style xeriscape design could be used for a slightly sloped lot or house on a small hill.

Design Around Swimming Pool
This design idea surrounds a swimming pool that takes up the center of the yard. Great landscape and one of my favorite creations.

Southwest Xeriscape Idea For Square Front Yard
Here's yet another page of Southwest xeriscape landscaping ideas. This is a very simple free flowing design for a square yard.

Circular Drive Xeriscape Landscape Design Idea
Design ideas for circular drives can be a challenge. This free xeric style landscape exhibits the principle of simplicity and shows how to create unity between the garden and the home.

Small Square Garden Design
This is actually a design tutorial that came out in one of our newsletters. The steps involved in creating this one as well as different variations are outlined. Some good free ideas for a small square area.

Industrial Park Design
How do you design a landscape the size of seven football fields? I wish I knew. Actually, this design was accepted by the city for our industrial park entrance. It's way out of the do it yourself scope but you still might get some good examples.

Odd Shaped Shady Garden
Most yards are unique in shape and character. In turn, odd shaped lots can be quite a challenge to landscape. This design may hold some ideas for you if you're dealing with a challenging landscape.

Mediterranean Garden Design
I really don't get enough opportunity to do gardens like this.

Two Level Dry Stack Wall Xeriscape
We used native limestone to create a dry stack wall for this two layer design. This is a very natural looking free flowing landscape that will go well with almost any Southwest home.

Simple, Basic Design Idea
This landscaping idea is nothing fancy. It was a request from a client to create a design to separate his yard from his neighbors' and do it for less than $2000.00. A tough request.

The Library Of Congress has a great site filled with hundreds of famous gardens and landscapes from 1850 to 1920 at American Landscape and Architectural Design. You can spend hours there getting ideas.

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