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Well, what can I tell you?

I ran my own specialist plant nursery (about 1800 varieties of perennials, 600 varieties of annuals) for over 20 years. Learned a litle bit about plants in the process.

Have written 8 “dead-tree” books including a major award winning one called “Garden Wisdom” and a “Guide to Canadian Vegetable Gardening” that went to #1 on and #2 on Learned a very little bit about writing.

Now run a growing gardening network on the Net with blogs, websites, ebooks, seminars and as much fun as possible.

Write full time from an island out in Lake Ontario (USDA zone 4) and sail part time in an old mahogany Folkboat. Drive an old sports car as much time as possible. Living my dream of living on the water, writing full time and having enough time to garden and play with “guy toys”. What else can I say? :-)

Manage to do a little gardening and the lawn keeps getting smaller and smaller. My kids (I’m insanely proud of all 4 of them) have bets about how long the front lawn will survive before I’ve “flowered” it all and removed all the grass.

Simply living my life with as much gusto and sense of wonder as I possibly can.

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