Dogwood Shrubs
Dogwood shrubs are a wonderful group of showy plants that can be planted in groups, mixed with other trees or planted as specimens. Dogwood shrubs like plenty of water and do best in full sun sites, but they can also thrive in half shade.

Dogwood shrubs are used for borders or property fence lines. Dogwood shrubs can be dense enough for use in windbreaks and privacy screens. Dogwood shrubs are used in landscape designs where attractive stems and flowers add visual effect or a focal point in the design.

Growing Dogwood shrubs is not difficult or arduous. They grow best in moist well-drained fertile soils. They are quite adaptable to most soil types. Applications of fertilizer and supplemental water, when needed, are important for their growth and survival. Dogwood shrubs can be grown in rocky, heavy, or sandy soils by adding compost to the planting site.

Dogwood shrubs are also a prime source of winter food for birds and woodland mammals. Dogwood shrubs also provide cover for wildlife and birds. The fruit berries form after flowering and often persist into late winter if the songbirds do not devour them sooner.

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