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BackYardAquaponics is a do-it-yourself aquaponics page with an educational discussion forum that features people who actually do aquaponics themselves and a book with CDs about how to design, build and maintain your very own system by Joel Malcolm.

As the trend on urban agriculture and gardening grows more and more in the US, other countries follow suit, along with their own independently thought up ideas and projects.

Getting this information out on the web is our responsibility, but more importantly than allowing people to see the info, is motivating them to actually take hold of the reigns and do-it-themselves, experimenting with new ideas, perhaps even making a profession out of what appears to have grown only as a hobby.

How few of our younger generation is interested in gardening, much less urban agriculture or a variety of other more sustainable ideas that take us farther and farther along the road to self-reliance and more environmentally friendly practices that meet the needs of our growing society.

Why not take this kind of a project on with your own children as a home-schooling project? It will give them a more complete vision of how Mother Nature really works with interconnectivity.

Just imagine a company, placing an aquaponic model on the roof of the factory, connected to solar panels with signs that illustrate how important all elements in a system contribute to productivity?

Aquaculture and Hydroponics need to be blended to provide a more sustainable system with less ecological footprints; and BackYardAquaponics shows us how to do it in an easy-to-grasp user-friendly manner that really inspire the passionate to make their dreams come true.

Take Damion Hinksons System for example, that appears on the Forum, this is one more example of how innovators can revolutionize our ways of thinking, by using what means he had available, in a country with freshwater challenges and access to the internet, he built his very own aquaponic system at home.

The more people investigating this area, the more it will flourish, faster and the sooner it will become as common a household word as vegetable garden.

You may not be an expert in hydroponics or maybe you are, or perhaps neither an expert in aquaponics or maybe you are; but no matter what your expertise or level of schooling, if you have the passion to dream about doing your own aquaponic system and the courage to ignore the skeptics, be free, do-it-yourself and show others what is possible with aquaponics!

Aquaponic Do-It-Yourself Videos - Build and test your own concepts as this guy shows you on!

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