Decorative Birdhouses
So you want to put a birdhouse in the backyard. You've don a little research and think the birds you want to attract might actually nest in a birdhouse, or you aren't really particular. But you're looking forward to the sights and sounds of birds in the yard. But, since you are putting all that effort into it, you would like to come up with a birdhouse that is somewhat unique, and is as attractive to your guests as it is to the birds. With that in mind we take a look at some decorative birdhouse ideas that might be the perfect fit for your backyard.

There is an almost limitless number of decorative birdhouse ideas, but there are a few broad categories that have proved to be popular over the last few years. Some examples include:

Victorian Birdhouses - These tend to be some of the most grandiose of birdhouses. Modeled after some of the Victorian mansions, which in themselves were usually given to conspicuous consumption and a somewhat grand themes, these are a real treat and for those of us who can't afford a mansion this can be the next best thing.

Cottage Bird Houses - This is quite different from the elegance from a Victorian bird house. Cottage bird houses recall more of an intimate small cottage setting. Because of the smaller size, these are often designed to attract smaller birds like wrens. These are one of the most popular, so there are many different designs to choose from.

Log Cabin Birdhouses - Echoing our countries humble beginnings, you can find these log cabins in a range of sizes and wood types, try conventional log cabin bird house, or take a look at a bamboo birdhouse. A different look for your yard.

These are just a few of the styles of decorative birdhouses you can find. Creating bird houses unleashes the creativity of many artisans, so there are literally thousands of different designs you can find.

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