David's Landscaping Blog
David's Landscaping Blog
By David Beaulieu, About.com Guide to Landscaping since 2002

David Beaulieu's career as a landscape and garden writer builds on a decade of prior work with landscaping plants in the nursery business, and on a lifelong love of plants of all kinds.

David was a regular contributor to Do! (2003-2006), the home and garden magazine published by Highbury House. He has been interviewed by numerous newspapers and national magazines and has also appeared on "Ask Andrea," the nationally syndicated radio show targeted to do-it-yourself home and garden enthusiasts.

From David Beaulieu:
My approach to discussing do-it-yourself landscape design is not only to instruct, but also to inspire. To that end, I try to engage the reader in some of the wonderful narratives that underlie the more mundane facts about landscaping plants.

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