Composting Blog: Compost bins vs. Compost tumblers
And so the debate begins: which is better, the compost bin or the compost tumbler? Granted, both will get you superb results - rich black soil known throughout the composting world as black gold - and both essentially help decompose organic matter. But again, which is better? Well, I suppose it depends on who you talk to. Those who use compost bins find it satisfying to turn their compost by pitchfork as it gives them a reason to enjoy an outdoor activity that benefits both them and their garden. Others who utilize compost tumblers realize they have very little time to go out and acutally turn their compost, and would rather just rotate the barrel of the tumbler with a crank for quick aeration with little manual labor. For every pro, there is a con; manually turning your compost Urban Compost Tumbler Delux in your compost bin can get quite dirty, and sweaty depending on the season. Thatís not to say that compost tumblers donít have their share of cons: tumblers are a bit more expensive and depending on the type your purchase, can be just as messy especially if you have to roll it around the yard when the compost is not yet ready. The debateís open, folks - which do you prefer and why?

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Steve Hauser says: 2009-07-06 18:23:56
Both of these systems are time consuming (turning by pitchfork or rotating)not to mention taking alot of time to produce compost. Think hard about aerated compost! No turning pitchfork/manually, no smell, no flies, spend 5 min/day and 40-60 days to great compost. for more info

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