Camouflage Gardening: Deterring Garden Crashers & Pests
Camouflage Gardening: Deterring Garden Crashers & Pests

By Nikki Phipps

Is something nibbling at your flowers and other plants? Insects, diseases, and weeds are not the only pests that can invade or cause damage to the garden. Wildlife animals can also be to blame and figuring out which one is the culprit may be one of the first steps necessary to taking defensive measures. For instance, deer usually leave a rough, shredded bite while rabbits leave a neat, clean cut. Many people like the sight of deer and other animals within their yards; however, what may seem exciting and fun at first can quickly become a nightmare for your garden or landscaping plants.

Camouflage gardening, however, is an effective way to deter these animals from overtaking and consuming your garden plants. Camouflage gardening is simply the process of using plants that contain natural chemicals and characteristics that deter these garden crashers from wanting to eat them.

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