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I’m Robin Ripley. I am co-author of Grocery Gardening and I am in love with making gardens that are beautiful as well as bountiful. I make as much by hand as possible, including cheese, bread, pastries and wine.

My paying work in life is mostly sitting at a computer or traveling somewhere to talk about what I did sitting at a computer. But hardly a day goes by that I don’t get to spend some time outdoors looking at the trees, grass, plants, birds and sky. Usually it’s because the little dogs demand their sniff time and drag me along as their chaperon. But I also spend a good chunk of time outside working in the garden and in the kitchen creating good food from what I grow.

Thank you for visiting Bumblebee. Please drop me a line.

Robin Ripley

P.S. Since some of you have asked, here are my vital statistics

Location: Calvert County, Maryland
Zone: 7
Property Size: 21+ acres, 4-5 of them hay, ~1 house and garden, the rest woods
Animals: Two Papillons, one cat with an attitude, 12 hens and a rooster named T. Boone Chickens. I adore them all.

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