Boxwood Hedges
Boxwood hedges are broadleaf, evergreen upright shrubs. They can be pruned into a formal shape, or grown in a tightly informal fashion. Boxwood hedges are usually grown in shady conditions, as they are able to grow in any sun condition. The growth shape of a boxwood hedge depends on the species. Some boxwood hedges grow in a spherical shape, while others are more upright and slender.

A boxwood hedge, being an evergreen, will provide greenery and protection year round. The thick covering of leaves on a boxwood hedge gives the impression of a continuous surface. Boxwood hedges can easily live up to three hundred years old or more. There are blooms on a boxwood hedge in the spring, but the flowers are very small, and have little visual interest.

Boxwood hedges also vary in size based on species. They can range from only a foot tall to twenty feet tall. Most species of boxwood hedges grow very slowly, often less than one inch per year. The hardiness of a boxwood hedge also depends on the species and cultivar. There are boxwood hedges that are hardy in zone six, and some that can even grow as cold as zone four.

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Boxwood hedges are a necessary addition to any garden. The beautiful evergreen foliage will add medium to dark green color to the garden year round. Boxwood hedges are easy to grow, and the only required maintenance is pruning. Boxwood hedges will grow for many years and give strength to the edge of a garden.

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