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The Backyard Bird Company was founded in 1998 by Kirk and Kristina DeVries. The small home-based business began by designing and manufacturing their own line nesting boxes and birdfeeders. Their line consisted of about a dozen designs of birdfeeders and bird houses. Within a few months, Kirk heard about a special house for bats and decided that bat houses sound like an interesting item to add to their product line. He contacted the bat experts at the Florida Bat Conservancy (then-called the Florida Bat Center) which happened to be located in his hometown of Punta Gorda, Florida. At that time, the Bat Conservancy was interested in finding a new supplier of bat houses to sell at their headquarters. Kirk and Don worked closely with the experts to design a bat house that met all of the requirements for successful occupancy established by years of research. When the final bat houses were completed, they quickly became the bat house of the Florida Bat Conservancy.

Soon, The Backyard Bird Company was having a hard time keeping up with the demand for their houses and feeders. Eventually, they added product lines from the top suppliers and manufacturers in the birding industry. Their commitment to value, quality, and service must be evident in all of the products they offer. After almost a decade, The Backyard Bird Company now offers over 1000 items and has branched out to include garden furniture and decor to their catalog.

Along the way, Kirk has added to his involvement in the eco-movement by participating in the local Audubon chapter and organizing the first 5K Cross-Country Eco-Run at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center to benefit youth-oriented nature advocacy programs. Kirk and Kristina have incorporated the principles of conservation and environmentally-responsible living into their business and personal lives. The Backyard Bird Company recycles much of the boxes and packing material they receive and only biodegradable packing supplies are purchased. Recycling, as well as purchasing recycled materials, is an important business--and personal--ethic.

Now, on the cusp of the ìgreen-livingî revolution, The Backyard Bird Company is poised to take their ìlittle bird house businessî to a whole new level. They are continually looking for products and companies that use recycled materials or sustainable woods. As people become more aware of the importance of living with nature, The Backyard Bird Company hopes to be a go-to source for all of the backyard-living and wildlife-supporting needs of the average American homeowner.

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