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Backyard Wisdom
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Backyard Wisdom is produced by Ala Cooperative Extension System & focuses on gardening nature and outdoor living.


A timely guide to gardening
Home Grown Christmas Trees
Choosing Natives for Your Landscape
Choosing Natives for Your Landscape
Oaks Are Good Choice for the Landscape
Fall Colors Welcome After Rainy Days
Twitter Solves Plant Mystery
Is Charlotte Spinning in Your Garden?
Now is the Time to Plant Spring Bulbs
Name That Plant
Step Away from the Fertilizer
Consider Adding Alabama’s State Flower to Your Landscape
Welcome Your Majesties
Plants for Rain Gardens
That Bug Is Bugging Someone Else Now
Spice Up Flower Beds With Ornamental Vegetables
Putting Up Summer’s Bounty
Bats In The Belfry
The Worms March On
A Worm In Your Tomato?
Tomatoes Not Setting Fruit
Battling Bugs Safely
The Ugly Continues
The Good, the Lovely and the Just Plain Ugly
Name That Bug!
Making Raised Beds Work for You
Junior Master Gardeners Growing in Alabama
How Low to Mow?
Don’t Make Your Beds—Raise Them
Ways to Protect Your Plants from Late Freezes
Home Grown Workshops
Dancing with Fire Ants
Keep an Eye Out for Termites
Research Confirms Gut Feelings
An Easy Fruit to Add to Home Garden
Home Grown
Warmer Weather Brings Out Gardening Urges
The Allure of Garden and Seed Catalogs
Leave Turf Alone
Pondering the Compost Pile
More on Tomatoes
Time to Order Tomato Seeds
New Year's Resolution: Don't Pollute Our Waterways
Mistletoe—Just What Is It?
Poinsettias Brighten Homes during Holidays
Bagging Leaves?
Take Time to Soil Test Now
Vegetable Gardens—Hot Topic
Sweet Smells of Autumn
Trees for Fall Color--Guest Blogger Danny Cain
Fall Color in Alabama--Guest Blogger: Danny Cain
Most Alabama Lawns Don’t Need Fall Fertilizer
Division Time in the Garden
Sweet Autumn Has Arrived
Lilies Of The Garden (Not the Valley)
Don’t Let the Rain Get Away
Drip Irrigation Not Just for Commercial Operations
Be Water Wise
Gardening and Young People
Fertilizing Turf
Choosing Plants for the Dry Times
Water Wise Gardening
Looking For Flowers
For the Birds
Arbor Week Fast Approaching
Making the Most of Fresh Flowers
Good Choices for Fall Planted Bulbs
Great Choices for Fall Annuals
Browse the Web
Making Fall Garden Plans
Preserving Summer’s Bounty
Cooperative Extension Garden Information Line Now Open
Correcting Poor Drainage in The Landscape
Time to Rev Up the Compost Pile
Time to Mow the Lawn
Recent Rains Welcome Sight
Garden Hot Line Available
They’re Here—Japanese Beetles
Drought Taking Toll on Turf
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Sweet Potato Vine—A Great Choice for the Flower Garden
Managing Rose Diseases
Adding Vines to My Garden
Dividing Daylilies
Turf—What’s Best for Your Yard?
Out Comes the Heavenly Bamboo
Cold Snap Nips Garden
Learn More About Roses
Enjoying The Azaleas
Carpenter Bees Buzzing
Spring Cleaning Continues
Park the Power Equipment
Pruning Crape Myrtles
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