Baby Snapdragon/Toadflax
Linaria maroccana

About Baby Snapdragon/Toadflax (Linaria maroccana)
Height: Under 2 ft.
Flower Color: Tiny iris-like flowers in a rainbow of colors and bi-colors.Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue, White, Bi-colors.
Plant Type: Annual. Lives just one year. Grows quickly, blooms heavily, dies with first frost. Can regrow following spring if seed falls on bare ground.
Flower Type: Short spike of small iris-like lipped flowers
Bloom Time: Early and mid-season
Is this wildflower invasive? No
Is this wildflower endangered? No
Is this wildflower edible? No
Is this wildflower medicinal? No

What is Baby Snapdragon/Toadflax's native range?
Indigenous To: Morocco (as reflected in botanical name)
Where Baby Snapdragon/Toadflax is naturalized or can be grown
Regions: Native to desert areas, but can be grown successfully in all regions.
Zones: 3-10
How to grow Baby Snapdragon/Toadflax (Linaria maroccana)
Soil preference: Since it's from North Africa, this species prefers loose, sandy soil.
Sun/Shade: Full sun to light shade.
Moisture Requirements: Adaptable to even arid conditions.
Instructions: One of the very easiest wildflowers to grow. Simply compress the seed into bare soil in spring, summer or fall.

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