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It’s no secret that a flower is a fragrant, beautiful and calming thing. Yet flower garden experts will tell you that the flower varieties you choose to grow can also be a wildlife magnet, attracting breathtaking butterflies and hummingbirds too! Selecting flowers that butterflies like is easy, but you will likely be disappointed if they never come.

To creature an enduring butterfly garden, you’ll need to provide some of the plants that caterpillars like to feast upon and hiding places where they can lay their eggs. Don’t worry, while it may sound undesirable, larvae do not cause excessive damage to most gardens and they’ll sprout beautiful wings in no time.

To create the flower patch that butterflies favor most, you’ll need to add some less attractive “host plants” that the caterpillars can eat, cocoon in safely and where butterflies can lay their eggs. Usually, butterflies lay their eggs on trees or plants.

Monarchs like milkweed and dogbane; swallowtails like cow parsnip, fennel, dill, cottonwood, wild cherry, willow, maple and alder; mourning cloaks live on cottonwood and willows, and painted ladies like thistle or pearly everlasting. Once the host plants are in place, you can add the more beautiful flowering blooms, such as dogbane, lilac, red clover, lantana, goldenrods, blazing stars, ironweed and tickseed sunflower for monarchs; blueberry, blackberry, lilac, redbud, red clover, viper’s bugloss, verbena and dogbane, phlox, azaleas, dame’s-rocket, petunias, verbenas, lupines, California buckeye, yerba santa, brodiaeas, and gilias for swallowtails; oak trees or rotting fruit for mourning cloaks; and aster, cosmos, blazing star, ironweed, joe-pye weed and red clover for painted ladies.

After the flower planting and habitat planning is finished, you’ll surely enjoy your floral bouquets with butterflies perched, feeding and exploring. To get the most from your flower garden, look for warm midday swarms between 10 am and 2 pm during the summer months. Hopefully, you’ve planted the taller flowers toward the back so you can watch all the butterflies feeding.

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