Aronia - Chokeberry
DESCRIPTION: The deciduous shrubs belonging to this group are commonly known as Chokeberries. They are natives of North America and are grown for their attractive foliage, which turns brilliant colors in autumn, white or pinkish flowers in the spring and colorful fruits. A. arbutifolia (Red Chokeberry) is a medium-sized shrub with slender, dark green leaves that are grayish-downy beneath. Its blossoms are followed by bright red fruits. A. melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry) is a small shrub with shiny, dark green leaves, white flowers in the spring, and glossy black fruits.

POTTING: These shrubs can be grown in any average soil, except one that is shallow and alkaline.

PROPAGATION: These shrubs may be increased by seeds, suckers, cuttings of ripe shoots in the fall, and division.

VARIETIES: A. arbutifolia & var. Brilliant; A. prunifolia; A. melanocarpa & var. Autumn Magic.

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