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Advantages of a cat bird feeder
Setting up a bird feeder for the secretive catbird has its advantages. Though it might not seem like a great idea, feeding these birds does have a good side. Read More.

Advantages of Hopper Bird Feeders
There are many confirmed advantages of hopper bird feeders, and some of them are listed here. As an overview, the conventional and attractive hopper feeder is extremely popular both with people and backyard birds alike. Read More.

Essential Advice on Using Bird Feeders
Setting up your own feeding station? Here is some advice on using bird feeders. This should cover the basics on feeding birds: what type of feeder to use, the kind of food to buy, the ideal spot for the feeder, when to feed and tips on offering some form of security for your visitors. Read More.

Looking for Bird Feeder Hangers?
Feeder hangers are one of the most versatile components of bird feeding. These items are generally used to suspend your bird feeders and can usually accommodate any type and size of bird feeder. Read More.

Bird feeder kits and designs
Making and assembling ready to make bird feeder kits can be a good way to spend a bit of quality time with your child or loved ones. Putting together attractive and functional bird feeders are a great way to spend leisure time with your family and friends. Read More.

Bird Feeder Poles and Hangers
Bird feeders are rather versatile; they can feed different species of birds with different kinds of bird feed, can either be mounted on poles or suspended using hangers, or can be used as decorative elements for your backyard. Read More.

Bird Feeders for Kids to Enjoy
Bird feeders have become increasingly popular with kids. It is not just fun to watch the birds but they can also learn about the different species at the same time. You don't need a lot of bird feeding building supplies to get started. Read More.

Bird Feeders for the popular Cardinal
Attracting the popular cardinal into your backyard can be done with the use of bird feeders and some wise choices on bird food. Read on for more details on how to invite this well-liked songbird into your garden, and keep them there! Read More.

Bird Feeders to Make - free designs
This is a very simple platform bird feeder and is quite easy to make. Read More.

Build your own Bird Feeder!
Do you want to know how to build your own Bird Feeder? There are a lot of plans available to make a high end bird feeder. But why complicate your life? You can make your own bird feeder from simple materials that can easily be found at home. Read More.

Buy bird feeders online
There are some things to take into account when buying bird feeders online. One is your security and the other is choosing the right feeder to meet your needs. Read More.

Compare and buy bird feeders online
Are you looking for the right bird feeder to buy online? Choosing what bird feeder to purchase can leave you at your wits end. With all the choices you have, you're bound to have a tough time choosing the right one for you. Read More.

Comparing Bird Feeder Types
Bird feeders or bird tables are devices or small structures placed outside to serve as an alternative or supplemental supply of food for the birds. Successful bird feeding depends on the placement of the bird feeder and the kinds of seeds offered. Read More.

Decorative bird feeders for your yard
Decorative Bird feeders can add to the visual appeal of your yard. They donÂ’t only add color and character to your backyard; they also provide a great source of relaxation and entertainment. Read More.

Decorative Bird Feeders to Brighten up Your Garden
When people purchase decorative bird feeders, they are often faced with the task of choosing one that is suited not only to their taste, but also one that would fit the ambience or décor style of their garden. Read More.

Different and unique birdfeeders
Get your loved ones started on bird feeding by giving them unique bird feeders as gifts! Bird Feeders of an unusual design are not commonly found in your local wild life stores though there are a number of manufacturers and crafters who make these special bird feeders. Read More

Easy Bird Feeder Plans and Designs
Here are some available plans and designs to use in making your own bird feeder. Read More.

Feeders for your catbirds
There are fruit feeders available for any type of bird, even the stealthy catbird. Catbirds are generally insect devouring birds - they will feed on beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars and other spiders and insects. Read More.

Free bird feeder plans and designs
Here is a set of bird feeder plans and designs, free from the How-To Library... Read More.

Free bird feeder plans to download
There are a lot of free bird feeder plans on line; most are available immediately upon entering the website while some are available for purchase and downloads. Read More.

Fun with Bird Feeding
Feeding birds can be a lot of fun. Bird feeding has slowly become a rather popular past time among people both young and old. Bird feeding allows us to relax and enjoy watching the birds, and learn about the different species at the same time. It is also inexpensive as compared to other forms of recreation. Read More.

Fun with homemade bird feeders
Making homemade bird feeders are a great way to start feeding wild birds. You donÂ’t need to purchase any bird feeder building supplies. Read More.

Hints and Tips
If you're planning to set up your own bird feeder, read on for some hints and tips to help you get started. There are many ways to invite birds into your back yard. Read More.

How to make your own bird feeder
Are you looking for free birdfeeder plans or steps on how to make your own feeder? Here at, we have very simple and easy to make plans for you. Read More.

Humming Bird Feeders
Bird feeders that are specially designed for humming birds were made available commercially at around 1950. The Webster hummingbird feeder was originally designed by Laurence J. Webster, who made it for his wife. Read More.

Information and Advice on Bird Feeders
Some information and bird feeder advice can be helpful in tackling the numerous choices that need to be made when beginning to feed birds. Read More.

Information on Platform Bird Feeders
What are platform bird feeders and why are they so popular? Of all the types of bird feeders around, platform bird feeders are the most widely used. They are the easiest to build and are very appealing to our little winged friends. Read More.

Installing window bird feeders
Window bird feeders are feeders that can be attached to a window or windowsill, allowing for easy, unobstructed and up close viewing of the birds that come to visit your feeding stations. Read More.

Kit to Build Bird a Feeder
Building bird feeders is a great way to use up your leisure hours or spend a bit of quality time with the kids. You can do so much with a simple, inexpensive kit for building wooden bird feeders. Read More.

Oriole Bird Feeders
Inviting the colorful oriole into your backyard can is easy when using specially made bird feeders and offering fruits and berries. Read on for more information on how to attract this beautiful bird!Read More.

Platform Ground Bird Feeders
Platform ground bird feeders are a type of tray or platform feeders. Platform feeders are basically flat, slightly raised surfaces where you can spread bird seeds. They are very easy to make and are one of the most popular feeders. Read More.

Purchase bird feeder accessories online
A large number of bird feeder accessories are available online. You can search for any of these items and come up with things of different styles, materials and prices. Your ordinary bird feeder can be improved with the use of some add-ons like seed trays and baffles. Read More.

Qualities of Top rated bird feeders
Bird feeders or bird tables are devices placed outdoors and serve as a supplemental source of food for the birds. There are many types of bird feeders around, the most common are the platform, hopper and tube bird feeders. Read More.

Screen tray birdfeeders
A screen tray bird feeder is simply a tray feeder with a screen for its bottom surface. Generally, wooden platform bird feeders are the most popular type of bird feeder around. Read More.

Specialized Bird Feeders
Specialized bird feeders are feeding stations that are specifically designed to hold a certain type of bird feed and attract a certain type of bird. For example, hummingbird feeders are made to hold nectar solutions and are accessible only to hummingbirds. Read More.

Squirrel proof bird feeder designs
Squirrel proof bird feeders - it says it all in the name. These bird feeders are designed and specially engineered to resist and withstand the constant squirrel attack. This bird feeder type is also called 'squirrel resistant bird feeders'. Read More.

Squirrel proof bird feeders
If you're on the hunt for Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, you're probably on the losing end of a war with these creatures. Bird feeding enthusiasts have long been engaged in a battle with the smart and agile squirrel. Read More.

Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Buying squirrel proof bird feeders might be the best move to make when squirrels start attacking your bird feeders. It can be entertaining to watch an unrelenting squirrel engineer its way to your bird food, but it can also be equally frustrating to find that they have overrun your feeders and deterred the feeder birds from popping in. Read More.

Suet Bird Feeders
Suet is made from animal fat and can provide birds with a high energy food source. This type of bird feed is suitable to put out during winter. Commercially available suet may contain peanuts, berries, fruits and mealworms. Read More.

Simple Bird Feeder Plans: tips for building your own feeder
Building your own bird feeder is relatively easy, provided you have the plans, instructions and materials at hand. You can probably make any type of bird feeder you want ranging from the simple bird feeders from recycled materials to the elaborately designed bird feeders. Read More.

Tips on Buying Bird Feeders Online
Bird feeders are available anywhere. You can buy them from your local pet store, from dealers, or you can buy them online. Read More.

Tips on using wild bird feeders
Bird feeders can be used to invite wild birds into your yard. Feeding wild birds is an enjoyable past time and can do us some good. Birds in your backyard can add color and improve its aesthetics. Read More.

Tips on Using Window Bird Feeders
Using window bird feeders provides an excellent, up close view of the feeding birds. It is one of the best ways to enhance your bird feeding experience. Read More.

Tips to help you with Bird Feeders
If you're looking for tips to help you with your bird feeders, you've come to the right place. You can find all the information you want on bird feeders here on Read More.

Tube Bird Feeders
Tube bird feeders are hollow and cylindrical in shape, usually made of clear plastic and can have multiple feeder perches and ports. They are usually hung vertically from tree branches, shepherd's rods or any other type of hanger. Read More.

Ways to use recycled materials to build a wild bird feeder
There are a lot of feeders that any feeding enthusiast can use to feed wild birds. These feeders can vary in styles, shapes, sizes and prices. However, you do not need to purchase a new one or build a highly complicated bird feeder. Read More.

Using Hummingbird Feeders
Using Hummingbird Feeders is the best way to attract the smallest species of birds. Here is an overview on how to use these feeders, attract hummingbirds into your backyard and keep them healthy and buzzing with life. Read More.

Why use bird feeders?
There are several reasons on why people use bird feeders. Feeding birds has become an increasingly popular activity. Most people engage in this activity usually during the winter months. Read More.

Wooden Bird Feeders
Searching for wooden bird feeders online is making the task of choosing the right feeder for bird aficionados a whole lot easier and more convenient. There are a number of sites that offer quite a lot in terms of design and value.

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