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Ground covers are low growing plants that are used in the landscape. They are commonly used as mass plantings for covering large areas of land. A ground cover would be used in an area that grass is not desired, or that is too shady for grass to even grow in.

Ground covers have many practical uses, both to gardeners and to nature. In nature, ground covers will provide shelter for wildlife, such as snakes and insects. In both natural and man-made instances, ground cover helps in the prevention of soil erosion by using a complex root structure to hold soil in place.

Maintenance of ground covers varies depending on the ground coven chosen to use. Proper maintenance will ensure fast growth, rapid coverage and a wonderful appearance. Recently planted ground cover should have light mulch applied to it. This will conserve moisture and help to thwart the growth of weeds. Proper watering and fertilization are also extremely important to the maintenance of good ground cover.

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When adding groundcover to a garden, it is important to consider when the proper time is. The proper time depends on local climates, as well as the type of cover used. Generally, the best time to plant ground covers is in the early fall. This takes advantage of lower temperatures and natural rainfall, which helps the plant establish a strong root system for the coming summer. Planting ground covers in the fall also aids in quicker spread of the cover.

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