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Fruit trees are very common and desirable in the home garden. Even in smaller lots, there is often enough room for a few fruit trees. If very little room is available, dwarf fruit trees may be planted. Generally, fruit trees are fast growing, and if cared for, they are not very messy trees.

One of the most desirable fruit trees to grow in the home landscape is the apple tree. These fruit trees can work in a variety of settings. They can be placed at the back or side of the lawn, or even out on open grass if pruned so there is sufficient space beneath in. Apple fruit trees generally require a pollinator, or apple tree of another type, in order to bear fruit. The second fruit tree can be worked into the landscape to complement the first.

Other types of fruit trees can be grown in the home garden as well. These include pear, peach and cherry, to name a few. Most of these other fruit trees, however, have a more limited range of applications in the garden. These fruit trees are generally limited to being background material for the lawn or vegetable garden. This is due to the different way in which these trees grow and reproduce compared to the apple tree.

When space is limited, several dwarf trees of different varieties can be planted. When proper space is provided, full-size trees are usually more desired, but this is not always the case. Dwarf fruit trees will provide fruit that is the same size as full-sized tree fruit, but there will not be nearly as much. Fruit trees can also be trained to grow against a wall or high fence, in much the same way that vines do.

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