A Guide to the Most Popular Orchid Species
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Orchids are beautiful plants that grow equally beautiful flowers. They are usually aerial plants which mean that their roots are primarily found in the air or attached to trunk of trees. There are many different orchid species and all of them have exotic blooms that may or may not have a fragrance. The colors that the orchid blooms have are spectacular and some flowers have startling color combinations that are very attractive and unique.

There are roughly more than 25,000 species of orchids worldwide. These numbers grow regularly due to the constant addition of hybrids and new discoveries. Most orchid species are almost always found in rain forests and tropical areas of the world. The orchids love moisture so they thrive in rain forests and tropical climates.

Well Known Orchid Species

Dendrobiums are among the more popular orchid species in the world. These species have a wide range of colors for their flowers. Some species have white flowers while others have purple or yellow. These orchid species can be found in most parts of Asia including but not limited to the Philippines, Borneo, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea. The great demand for these orchid species has inspired hobbyists to create hybrids of the orchid.

The Cattleya is a beautiful orchid that can be found in some parts of South America up to Asia. These extravagant orchid species are very beautiful and usually bloom in small groups of a single flower to eight flowers per blooming season. The colors are from white to yellow to deep purple. The Cattleya is beautiful orchid that does not grow total but instead spreads out and is similar to the dendrobiums in some aspects.

The orchid species of Vanda are very strange looking plants that bear exotic looking flowers. Their leaves sprout from a single stalk and grow singly on each side. The flower stalks come from one of the leaves' base and these can contain from five up to twenty blooms. This orchid species can be commonly found but not exclusive to the Philippines, India, China, Australia, the Himalayas, Indonesia and New Guinea.

The three orchid species mentioned above are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the different species of orchids. There are man different kinds of orchids available and even more exotic ones at that. Some orchid species have even been discovered recently have been around for several hundred years in the rainforests. The beauty of these plants has endeared them to many people who strive to grow them in places which are so different from their usual habitat.

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A Guide to the Most Popular Orchid Species
Oct-10-08 6:43am
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