100 Forest Trees of Alabama
The following information is from the publication "100 Forest Trees of Alabama" written by Dr. Harlan York during the mid-1950s as a contracted employee of the Division of Forestry, Alabama Department of Conservation. To download the complete publication click here.

Allegheny Chinkapin Carolina Silverbell Magnolia, Bigleaf Oak, White
American Beech Common Persimmon Magnolia, Fraser Oak, Willow
American Chestnut Cucumbertree Magnolia, Southern Osage Orange
American Elm Downy Serviceberry Maple, Red Pecan
American Holly Eastern Cottonwood Maple, Silver Pine, Longleaf
American Hornbean Eastern Hemlock Maple, Sugar Pine, Loblolly
American Smoke-tree Eastern Hophornbeam Oak, Black Pine, Pond
American Sycamore Eastern Redbud Oak, Blackjack Pine, Sand
Atlantic White Cedar Eastern Redcedar Oak, Bluejack Pine, Shortleaf
Ash, Blue Elm, American Oak, Bur Pine, Slash
Ash, Carolina Elm, September Oak, Chestnut Pine, Spruce
Ash, Green Elm, Slippery Oak, Chinkapin Pine, Virginia
Ash, White Elm, Winged Oak, Cherrybark Redbay
Atlantic White Cedar Hackberry Oak, Durand Red Mulberry
Birch, Sweet Hickory, Bitternut Oak, Live River Birch
Birch, River Hickory, Mockernut Oak, Laurel Sassafras
Baldcypress Hickory, Nutmeg Oak, Northern Red Sourwood
Black Cherry Hickory, Pignut Oak, Overcup Southern Catalpa
Blackgum Hickory, Sand Oak, Post Sugarberry
Black Walnut Hickory, Shagbark Oak, Scarlet Sweetbay
Black Willow Hickory, Shellbark Oak, Shumard Swamp Cottonwood
Boxelder Hickory, Water Oak, Southern Red Swamp Tupelo
Buckeye, Ohio Locust, Black Oak, Swamp Chestnut White Basswood
Buckeye, Yellow Locust, Honey Oak, Turkey Witch Hazel
Butternut Loblolly-Bay Oak, Water Yellow Poplar

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