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Practicing of Landscaping Design With Hill Ideas

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Landscaping design with hill ideas can inspire someone to get a beautiful landscape. Some ideas for landscaping a hill must be needed if you live on one. On the landscaping design ideas, there are act READ MORE

Gardening For Kids

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Gardening for Kids provides gardening information about flowers, plant combinations and science information for children who are interested in gardening or are researching for a school science project READ MORE

North Coast Gardening Blog

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Gardening on the north coast in coastal Humboldt county, Eureka, California. The gardening blog features plants that grow well in coastal weather, garden photos, container gardening, vegetable gardeni READ MORE


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Gardening tips, FAQ and free garden advice and information to help gardeners maintain healthy garden plants, vegetables and flowers. Copyright © 2010 Search Innovation Marketing. All rights reserv READ MORE


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I am a landscape contractor with 26 years experience. In 2008 I started blogging about a hotel renovation I did in St. Lucia, West Indies. I did not blog for nearly 18 months then I caught the blog READ MORE

A Tidewater Gardener

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An unapologetic plant geek shares advice and opinions on gardening, the contrived and the natural landscape, as well as occasional topics from the other side of the gate. Copyright © 1999 – 2010 READ MORE

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens, and Arboretum in Bristol RI

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Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum 101 Ferry Road (Rt. 114) Bristol, Rhode Island 02809 Menu * About * Gardens * Programs * Weddings * Group Tours * Volun READ MORE

Eden Makers Blog

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A sustainable lifestyle begins in the garden! Shirley, aka ""EdenMaker"" Bio: Shirley Bovshow is a professional landscape designer, garden television host, gardening coach, blogger, speaker and READ MORE

Tracy DiSabato-Aust: Best-selling author, Professional speaker, Horticulturist, ...

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TRACY DISABATO-AUST Has earned international acclaim as one of America’s most entertaining and knowledgeable garden writers and professional speakers. She has extensive experience in the United S READ MORE

The Dirt At Plangarden.com

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This blog is maintained by Plangarden owners, gardeners, foodies, and stinking rose lovers, Roy and Giselle Stahl. We love sustainable gardening and experimenting with (occasionally, arguing about) t READ MORE

Plant Talk

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Plant Talk is the official Web log of The New York Botanical Garden. As an online multimedia journal it presents Garden-related topics through the voices of the people who work, volunteer, or study he READ MORE

Transatlantic Plantsman

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Garden plants, native plants, invasive plants, more stuff about more plants - from both sides of the Atlantic - with occasional asides on wildflowers and wildlife, books and magazines about plants, ma READ MORE


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North Carolina journies in the garden and the backroads. Anna also owns Decorate A Garden. Gardening in NC zone 7 You can find me at my other blog, Decorate A Garden .com too. Flowergardengi READ MORE

The Manic Gardener - An Organic Gardening Blog

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I’m a wannabe Westerner, a city girl in search of greener pastures, always climbing trees just to get high, climbing the mountain to see what I can see. My father claims that my first word was “ho READ MORE

The Texas Triffid Ranch

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Paul Riddell The Texas Triffid Ranch 5930-E Royal Lane #140 Dallas, Texas 75230 For those who haven't noticed, you've stepped into the Texas Triffid Ranch LiveJournal, the augme READ MORE

Doug Green's Blog

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Well, what can I tell you? I ran my own specialist plant nursery (about 1800 varieties of perennials, 600 varieties of annuals) for over 20 years. Learned a litle bit about plants in the process. READ MORE

Your Small Kitchen Garden

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Your Small Kitchen Garden is for people who grow--or who want to grow--their own food, though in limited space. We explore how to grow vegetables and fruit with emphasis on expending little effort and READ MORE

Veg Plotting

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Here I am - trying to make sense of where I fit in all of this. The views from my allotment and garden help... A rather quirky & eclectic blog with links to lots of further information if you want READ MORE

Gardening, politics & more

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I’m Craig Cramer and Ellis Hollow is my personal blog. It’s mostly about gardening with some music, art and politics mixed in. Ellis Hollow is a small hamlet about 5 miles from Ithaca, N.Y., in READ MORE


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One woman's adventures in organic gardening, cooking, and living in the Texas Hill Country. Cynthia McKenna enjoys growing herbs and heirloom tomatoes, tending her water garden, fiber arts, reading, a READ MORE

Gardening Examiner

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Robin is a professional writer who has created a charming kitchen garden overflowing with vegetables, herbs and flowers on her 20-acre Maryland homestead. When not gardening or cooking, she travels ex READ MORE

Backyard Gardening Blog

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My name is Chris and this is my gardening blog. I live in the city, technically “near-suburbs” I guess, and my lot isn’t the biggest thing in the world, but I make the most of it. Since buying t READ MORE

Kiss my Aster!

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A blog for serious gardeners who don't take gardening too seriously... Labels * book reviews (2) * Containers (10) * crafty (3) * critters (16) * Etsy finds (15) * g READ MORE

Gardener to Farmer

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Categories * beans * beets * begonias * beneficial bugs * Berries * Broccoli raab * carrots * cherries * container gardening * Cool Springs Press READ MORE

Miss Rumphius& Rules

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Susan Cohan, APLD 69 Hedges Avenue Chatham, NJ 07928 Landscape and Design Consultant for residential projects blogging as Miss R as well as part of the Garden Designers Roundtable. Industry lead READ MORE

Gardeners Reach | learn, teach, and reach Our Community

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What is Gardeners Reach? Gardeners Reach is a comprehensive gardening website and blog. Are aim is to learn and educate, share and communicate, and create a network of friends and neighbors who shar READ MORE

Blogging from Blackpitts Garden...

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This is the depository for the random thoughts, irrelevant (and irreverent) musings, experiences,occasional travels (and,while we are on the subject, travails), delights, bits of garden design, ramble READ MORE

Diggin' It / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com

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The Christian Science Monitor 210 Massachusetts Avenue Boston MA 02115 Fascinating fasciation, a random oddity in the garden By Betty Earl / 04.07.10 If I had had any doubts before, after t READ MORE

Garden Bliss

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Angela Pratt Sacramento, California USDA Zone 9b Sunset Zone 14, United States When I'm not busy embarrassing and/or aggravating my teenage son, I enjoy spending time puttering in the garden READ MORE


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the blog by Donalyn Ketchum I’m 54. I live in rural upstate NY, married a very long time to someone willing to put up with all of my idiosyncrasies and look really cute while he does it. I have t READ MORE

Ledge and Garden

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I garden in northwestern Rhode Island. This is a zone 5b-6 garden. One of the most rewarding experiences for this gardener is to share the on-going evolution of the garden and the fruits of her effort READ MORE

Bumblebee Blog

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I’m Robin Ripley. I am co-author of Grocery Gardening and I am in love with making gardens that are beautiful as well as bountiful. I make as much by hand as possible, including cheese, bread, pastr READ MORE

Dirt By Amy Stewart

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Amy Stewart PO Box 106 Eureka, CA 95502 Amy Stewart tends a poison garden of her own in northern California. She is the award-winning author of four books on the perils and pleasures of the natur READ MORE

Zanthan Gardens

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A Central Austin Garden Mine is a little garden enclosed from the street, though not from public view, by a short picket fence. My 1946 house sits on an urban lot, 100 feet by 150 feet, in South Au READ MORE

You Grow Girl (tm)

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About You Grow Girl(tm) and Gayla Trail Gardening for the People. You Grow Girl(tm) was launched by Gayla Trail in February 2000 and has grown into a thriving online community that speaks to a n READ MORE

The Home Garden: Gardening in the Home Landscape

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Welcome to The Home Garden where I am documenting my opinions and adventures in Tennessee home gardening! Since February of 2007 we've been actively gardening our landscape to life. We live in Spring READ MORE

Gardening Gone Wild

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The idea for Gardening Gone Wild came out of the wonderful interactions I have had over several years with gardening professionals throughout North America, all of whom are passionate gardeners. Altho READ MORE


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Pam gardens in Austin, Texas, in Zone 8b Visit my professional site: Penick Landscape Design # Digging deeper * About My Garden * Camera * Contact Me * Copyright Policy READ MORE

Sustainable and Urban Gardening

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Susan Harris's blog about eco-friendly and urban gardening, plus the adventures of a DC-based garden writer, coach and occasional rabble-rowser. Categories * About this blog * Borders READ MORE

May Dreams Gardens

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Eccentric gardener? Gardening geek? Passionate about plants? Join me in my Zone 5 garden in Indiana! ind Posts by Topics * absolutes of gardening (2) * annuals (8) * birds (6) READ MORE

Official Gardening Tips and Ideas Blog

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Gardening tips, gardening info and heaps of ideas to help gardeners of all experience get more out of their hobby and out of their gardens. Categories * Community Gardening (10) * Com READ MORE

The Growing Edge -- Sustainable garden news, media, links and commentary for gro...

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A gardening blog dedicated to hydroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouse growing. Blogs I Read Everyday * Best Green Blogs * Doug Greens Garden * Garden Rant * Hydroponics Dictio READ MORE

Growing Vegetables and Veggie Gardening Tips | Beginner and Organic Vegetable Ga...

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Veggie Gardening Tips P.O. Box 6852 Harrisburg, PA 17112 Learn how to grow vegetables, starting a vegetable garden, and veggie gardening tips. Includes organic techniques, ornamental plants for g READ MORE

Gardening & Best Green Blogs Directory

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Archive for the 'Gardening' Category Best Green Blogs is the directory of green and sustainable themed blogs. Whether people are discussing cleantech in the UK, global warming issues in Italy or su READ MORE

Cold Climate Gardening - Hardy plants for hardy souls

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Kathy Purdy I’ve written for several national gardening magazines and spoke at the first Garden Bloggers Spring Fling. As a veteran blogger I participated in a panel discussion at the 2007 Garden Wr READ MORE

Garden Rant

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GardenRant is the work of these highly opinionated gardeners: Susan Harris in Takoma Park, MD Elizabeth Licata in Buffalo, NY Michele Owens in Saratoga Springs, NY Amy Stewart in Eureka, C READ MORE

This Garden Is Illegal - A Garden Blog

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A gardener in the suburbs Cleveland, Ohio waxes on and off about her garden, the flowers, what she wants to do in her yard and how it all fits into her everyday life. # Pages * Home * READ MORE

A Way to Garden -- Gardening information and inspiration from Margaret Roach

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Margaret Roach Inc PO Box 211 Copake Falls, NY 12517 A WAY TO GARDEN DOT COM, born March 2008, is the latest horticultural incarnation of me, Margaret Roach, with my own words and photographs (ta READ MORE

Creekside Dahlia Farm

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Creekside Dahlia Farm 3447 Whitepath Road Ellijay, Georgia 30540 We Love Flowers, Plants, Trees, and Beautiful Gardens! Subscribe to our blog or visit frequently to read our news and information READ MORE


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Outdoor Plants and Gardening are my passions so why wouldn’t I start a website where I can share my Experience & Knowledge. Hi I am Theresa Henry Frain thank you for visiting my website. I have READ MORE

Backyard Gardening Tips

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Backyard Gardening Tips Moncton, New Brunswick Canada Sharing flower and vegetable gardening tips. This blog copyright © 2009 Backyard Gardening Tips READ MORE

Gardening is Easy

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GARDENING IS FUN! Gardening really is fun (even though it requires a certain amount of work). To have a wonderful, colourful show garden you don't have to be a garden specialist or know all the Latin READ MORE

A Garden Exempt from Public Haunt

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A late-blooming gardener and a curmudgeon-in-training, toiling in Zone 6A in the outer regions of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. I gardened in my twenties and then put it off as children (and time) READ MORE

Backyard Wisdom

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Backyard Wisdom Auburn, AL 36830 Backyard Wisdom is produced by Ala Cooperative Extension System & focuses on gardening nature and outdoor living. Archives: A timely guide to gardening Home READ MORE

Gardening Information

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1000's of articles, books, ebooks and magazines about garden and gardening…… Welcome to “Gardening Information & Products” ! Our goal is to provide you with gardening books, ebooks,magaz READ MORE

Above Ground Gardens

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Nov 09 Get Growing With a Window Greenhouse If you like raising your own flowers, small vegetables, and herbs, a window greenhouse is a good alternative. Fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to READ MORE

JustAddWorms Garden Blog

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WARNING! Vegetable Gardening Can Be Addictive And Will Improve Your Health. When I drive through our neighbouring suburbs I wonder why so few people have a vegetable garden. If only they knew how READ MORE

David's Landscaping Blog

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David's Landscaping Blog By David Beaulieu, About.com Guide to Landscaping since 2002 David Beaulieu's career as a landscape and garden writer builds on a decade of prior work with landscaping pla READ MORE

Country Garden Landscaping | Design Ideas, Plans, and Supplies

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Saving Money On Your Country Garden Landscaping Projects September 25th, 2009 — Gardening Tips gardenWhen it comes to creating a garden landscape, the planning process can really require yo READ MORE

Alex's Lawn and Turf Blog

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Alex's Lawn & Turf 641 Heinel Drive Roseville, MN 55113 Lawn care tips from the experts. I founded Alex's Lawn & Turf, LLC in 1993. I set my standards high and began providing premium lawn care w READ MORE

Landscaping Tips, Gardening Tips, & More...

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Landscaping and gardening tips by Corporate Landscape & Design, a division of The Corporate Group. READ MORE

Ask the Landscape Guy

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The Ask the Landscape Guy blog will provide you with landscape advice to help you better enjoy your home and garden. Owning a landscape design/build company, I come across homeowners every day that h READ MORE

Garden.ca Canadian Garden blog

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GardenMedia S16395 Sideroad 18A Sunderland, Ontario L0C 1H0 Canada Do you garden in Canada and are looking for gardening design ideas, plans and garden landscape designs for the Canadian climate READ MORE

Garden and Landscape Ideas - Part 4 | landscaping garden

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landscaping garden Garden and Landscape Ideas - Part 4Posted by admin on February 26, 2009 at 8:44 pm · Under landscaping garden http://www.WatchMojo.com video on how to decor your garden-ideas READ MORE

Attracting Butterfiles To The Flower Garden | Garden And Home Improvement Ideas

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February 24, 2009 at 4:31 pm · Filed under Flowers, Garden, Gardening, Gardening Tips, General ·Tagged Flowers, Garden, Gardening Tips It’s no secret that a flower is a fragrant, beautiful and cal READ MORE

My Garden @ House n Style & Blog

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Garden Marquee Lighting - Don’t be left in the Dark this Summer! by Andy Mason Unlike other venues where a wedding reception can be held you have a lot more options available to you when you are READ MORE

Gardener's Journal The official blog of the employee-owners of Gardener's Supply...

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Gardeners Supply Burlington Store 128 Intervale Rd. Burlington, VT 05401 "Gardener's Supply is in business to spread the joys and rewards of gardening, because gardening nourishes the body, elev READ MORE

Landscape Juice

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Informative gardening and landscaping magazine site. READ MORE

Fall Back and Relax - Enjoying Fall Color | Behnke Nursery Blog

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Behnke Nurseries - Beltsville 11300 Baltimore Ave Beltsville MD, 20705 lbristow on September 23rd, 2008 Fall Back and Relax - Enjoying Fall Color By Miri Talabac, Woody Plants Manager Whil READ MORE

Clean Air Gardening blog

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Gardening Tips and Advice from Clean Air Gardening. Welcome to the Clean Air Gardening blog, where you�ll find regular updates with gardening tips, product announcements and links to interesting READ MORE

Free Landscaping Software - Reviews of Software Programs - The Landscape Design ...

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Free Landscaping Software - Reviews Of Software Programs Written on January 26, 2008. Written by Steve Boulden. Free Landscaping Software Image The last time I did any reviews on landscaping soft READ MORE

YourGardeningTip Blog

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Herb Gardening Indoors June 28th, 2006 Here are some tips for herb gardening indoors that will simulate the conditions in an outside garden. For Herb gardening indoors the growing climates need READ MORE
Gardening and Landscaping Blogs: With a little bit of research, you can find good gardening and landscaping blogs. Blogging is something that anyone can do. Blogging can be done daily or weekly. Gardening blogs give opinions, tips, and advice on topics like using eco friendly products and the benefits of organic gardening.
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