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Solving Zucchini Problems

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By zvikak - Jan-25-11 4:19pm If you have a Zucchini Garden or you intend to plant such one, you should know what can affect your Zucchini Plant and how to deal with the problems that can acre from READ MORE

Zucchini Plant Problems?

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You're not alone! Lots of backyard vegetable gardeners have zucchini plant problems - the plants are wilted, bugs are everywhere or things just don't look very promising. Once you are able to diagnose READ MORE

How to Grow Zucchini - Gardening Challenges

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Powdery mildew and bacterial wilt are common. To prevent this problem, try not to handle the fragile vines and leaves when they’re wet. Another common problem with growing zucchini, is that you READ MORE

Zucchini fruit fall off the plant before they are full grown

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For the most part zucchini plants are one of the most prolific performers in the garden. But even the beloved and prolific zucchini is prone to problems. One of these problems can be when the zucchini READ MORE

Solutions For Common Problems Growing Zucchini

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The zucchini plant is one of the most common vegetables grown in the home garden. One of the reasons is because it is relatively easy to grow. But just because it is easy to grow does not mean that th READ MORE
Garden Zucchini
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