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Garden Wasp Deterrent


How To Use Natural Repellent Against Wasps

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By William Gardner Wasps are insects whose diet consists of other insects, mostly pests. They do not prey on humans, only that they inhabit amongst us. They build their nests within our dwellings. READ MORE

Useful Tips for Controlling Wasps and yellowjackets

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Prevention is better than cure! 1.0 Wasp Nests: Most wasps will only nest where they can find shelter against the wet, in a nice dry, dark and secluded place away from constant disruption. If READ MORE

Wasp Deterrents

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In 2009 there were lots of stories in the media about the huge amounts of wasps in the UK. We caught a news snippet on the BBC News in 2009 that suggested the amount of Wasps around that year was the READ MORE

Waspinator Make Your Home a Wasp Free Zone

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Waspinator Ltd Yewbank, 1 Yewbank Terrace, llkely, LS29 9EZ Waspinator How to get rid of wasps? How to kill wasps? How does Waspinator get rid of wasps? Why don't wasps realise Waspinator i READ MORE

How to control wasps in your garden

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By Jean Vernon3:19PM BST 23 Jul 2010 Wasps can cause mayhem in the summer garden, especially if you like to eat outside. However, it's important to realise that wasps are a vital part of the garden's READ MORE
Garden Wasp Deterrent
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