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Garden Symphylan


Cole Crops Garden Symphylans Scientific Name: Scutigerella immaculata

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DESCRIPTION OF THE PEST Garden symphylans (also called garden centipedes) are not insects; they are in their own arthropod class Symphyla. When full grown they are not more than 0.5 inch long and hav READ MORE

Are you familiar with the garden symphylan?

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Posted on December 5, 2010 by Vegetable gardener cook If you are a gardener in the Pacific Northwest, you need to know about this pest. Symphylans are a pest largely found in the Pacific Northwe READ MORE

Garden Symphlans Infest Willamette Valley Soils: Oregon Tilth Growers Share Stra...

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Imagine a critter that thrives in the best organic tilth and emerges cyclically as one of the most devastating crop problems in our midst. Furthermore, imagine this beastie not only consistently resis READ MORE

Garden Symphylan as a Pest of Field Crops

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Scutigerella immaculata (Newport) The garden symphylan is an occasional but very destructive pest of most field crops. Symphylans are not insects. They are more closely related to centipedes and mill READ MORE

Garden Symphylan - Small, White Worm Like Bugs In The Soil

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Garden symphylans are not often seen by gardeners, so when they do appear in the garden, they can be perplexing. These small white cousins to centipedes dislike light, and will quickly move away from READ MORE
Garden Symphylan
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