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Garden Snails


10 ways to minimize slugs and snails in the garden

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I just received a comment on my main blog, Tricia’s Musings, from a regular reader and he said that he lost most of his Hyacinth flowers to slugs this year. What a shame! He must have a very heavy i READ MORE

How To Kill Snails and Slugs - The Definitive Guide

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Snails and slugs have been the bane of gardeners for generations. And while over time, many methods have been developed to control these slimy pests, some methods work better than others. Our goal READ MORE

brown garden snail Cornu aspersum (Muller, 1774) (Gastropoda: Helicidae)

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The brown garden snail (European brown snail), Cornu aspersum, was described by O.F. Müller from specimens collected in Italy. This plant feeder has been disseminated into many parts of the world int READ MORE

Weird and wonderful ways to naturally control garden snails and slugs

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Excellent ideas on how to control an over population of garden snails. Important information to have as you really don't want to spend your time and money preparing a garden only to wake up and find i READ MORE

Organic Snail Control: How To Control Garden Snails

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Garden snails are kissing cousins to the nefarious slug that also terrorizes gardens. The common garden snail will chew through the tender leaves of plants, which, at best, looks unsightly and, at wor READ MORE
Garden Snails
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