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Garden Root Weevil


Root weevil

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Adults are small, gray black beetles, 0.13 to 0.38 inch long, with curved snouts and elbow-shaped antennae. Mature larvae are up to 0.38 inch long, white or pink, C-shaped, and legless. Identificat READ MORE

Strawberry Root Weevil

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Ragged leaf edges are a telltale sign of root weevils, even when you don't catch the culprits in the act. By Robin Chotzinoff Otiorhynchus ovatus Strawberry root weevils destroy more than strawber READ MORE

Strawberry Root Weevil

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Written by: Dottie Baltz Strawberry Root Weevils not only destroy strawberry plants but they can have a devastating effect on rhododendrons, raspberries and mint as well. The cream colored larva READ MORE

Consider night attacks on controlling root weevils

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By Marianne C. Ophardt, Special to the Tri-City Herald KENNEWICK -- I was talking with a Master Gardener the other day about the root weevil problem in his little blueberry patch. Root weevils are READ MORE

Notched rhody leaves indicate root weevils at work

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AURORA - Do you have notches in your rhododendron and azalea leaves? Root weevils, a type of beetle, are the likely culprits. These beetles especially love to feast on new growth of shrubs, including READ MORE

Root Weevils: Troublesome Rhododendron Pests

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Hank Helm Bainbridge Island, Washington Perhaps the worst insect pests that attack rhododendrons are the several species of weevil, found in nearly all areas of the world. Weevils attack over 100 READ MORE

Insects In The Roots - Identifying And Controlling Root Weevil

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Root weevils are a plant pest both indoors and outdoors. These destructive little insects will invade the root system of a healthy plant and then proceed to eat the plant from the roots up. Identifyin READ MORE
Garden Root Weevil
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