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Garden Root Rot


Pythium Root Rot in Soil and Hydroponic Applications

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As any professional grower or gardener will tell you, Pythium root rot is a nasty pest that, if left untreated, can cause failure of an entire crop in very short order. Formerly classified as a fungu READ MORE

Root Rot

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You can fight root rot - and win! Root rot comes in many shapes, sizes, and degrees of virulence (big word for "plant killing capability"!). As you might expect of killers, the various forms o READ MORE

Root Rot

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Root rot is a disease that can affect a range of plants in your garden and which can spread through the soil. It can kill plants in a very short space of time and can be difficult to control. Some pla READ MORE

Phytophthora root rot

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After honey fungus, Phytophthora root rot is the most common cause of root and stem base decay of a wide range of trees and shrubs. There are a number of different Phytophthora species, all causing ve READ MORE

Treating Root Rot - Gardening Tips For Housplants

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Sometimes if a plant is overwatered, it just does not seem to recover afterwards. The leaves start to get dull and turn yellow and the whole plant seems to be on a slippery slope towards death. You tr READ MORE
Garden Root Rot
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