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Garden Predator Deterrent


Animal Intrusion & Control

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Animals can destroy a garden almost overnight, especially if you have a small garden. Two or three deer can devour a complete bed of lettuce in one night. Rabbits come in at a close second. The animal READ MORE

Natural Methods for Deterring Garden Pests

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Bugs, Bugs, Go Away -- By Jenny Sigler, SparkPeople Contributor Pests can invade, destroy, and annoy both the garden and the gardener. While bugs are an inevitable (yet sometimes rewarding) prese READ MORE

Keep Deer Out of Your Garden: Dogs, Repellents, and Fences

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By Lee Diamond You have planted all of your vegetables and things are starting to sprout. Before you know it, you have a garden chock full of healthful greens, squash plants running wild in your ya READ MORE

Organic Pest Control Gardening With Red Pepper

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by Ellen Douglas, Demand Media While bewildering numbers of organic products and home remedies exist to repel garden predators, a few "old reliables" are continually mentioned as insect and animal READ MORE

What is Shake-Away Predator Deterrent?

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Songbird Garden PO Box 463 Cape Fair, MO 65624 Be Critter Free Naturally! The Safe, Easy, Organic, Guaranteed Way! Shake-Away is an effective all natural animal repellent in granu READ MORE
Garden Predator Deterrent
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