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Garden Plant Stress


Heat Stress On Garden Plants

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by Glenn With the temperature soaring near 100 degrees this week in Midwest it is important to remember that your garden plants will be in a lot of stress. The most important thing you can do to pr READ MORE

Recognizing and Preventing Heat Stress in Plants

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By Chris McLaughlin When the summer temperatures begin to crank up, we aren’t the only ones feeling the heat. High temperatures can be a challenge for plants and leaf tissue will show signs of he READ MORE

Avoiding Plant Stress

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Just as with humans, any factor whether external or internal that affects a plant is known as a stressor. The stressor can be beneficial or harmful or both. For example, rhinovirus causes the common READ MORE

How to Recognize Plant Stress

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By Suzanne DeJohn A healthy, vigorous plant that shows no sign of stress has a better chance of shrugging off pests and disease. Sometimes when plants look sick or appear to be under attack by READ MORE

What Causes Brown Edges On Leaves Of Plant

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Anytime anything unusual occurs on a plant, this gives gardeners a reason to be concerned about their plant. When a plant gets brown edges on leaves or brown leaf tips, a gardenerís first thought may READ MORE
Garden Plant Stress
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