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Garden Plant Bolting


What to do when plants bolt

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It's the time of year when your garden plants start bolting. A horticulturists lays out your game plan. Posted by Erica Glasener August 23, 2011 Fennel that has flowered and set seed (bolted). READ MORE

What makes plants bolt

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Bolting is when a plant goes to seed prematurely. There are several possible reasons – water stress, day length, cold are all possible culprits. If we understand what the plant is trying to do we ca READ MORE

HDYGG: My Garden Bolted

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Helen Jupiter 05/31/2011 My garden bolted. Six months ago I would have thought that meant it got its motor running and headed out on the highway, but now I know better. So, while the crops in my READ MORE


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This is the last week for spinach and lettuce. Most of the spinach is bolting now, and the lettuce will be bolting by next week. In case you are not a gardener, when a plant bolts, that means it has READ MORE

What Is Bolting: What It Means When A Plant Bolts

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You may have been reading an article that said to watch for a plant bolting or a description of a plant that has bolted. But, if you are unfamiliar with the term, bolting may seem like an odd term. Af READ MORE
Garden Plant Bolting
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