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75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't

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The basics of composting are simple. Most people know they can compost fruit and vegetable peels, leaves, and grass clippings. But what about that tea bag you used this morning? Or the fur that colle READ MORE

Compost - Going Green With Black Gold

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Written by: Clay Miller Composting is the storing of organic materials and over time these organic materials breakdown naturally by organisms. The result is what is called "black gold" because of t READ MORE

Compost Mania

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From avid gardeners to families looking for an educational backyard project, CompostMania is the one-stop online resource for all composting needs. It’s a comprehensive store and a composting classr READ MORE

Backyard Composting | Composting | US EPA

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Backyard or Onsite Composting photo: man with backyard compost bin Man Digging in Compost Bin Backyard or onsite composting can be conducted by residents and other small-quantity generators of READ MORE

Composting in plastic bottles

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BottleBiology.Org has an interesting investigation device called a decomposition column A.K.A bottle composting. They also explain how to build and use from recycled plastic soda bottles for education READ MORE

Odor-free Kitchen Composter Free Shipping Lifetime Guarantee

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Odor-free kitchen composter. # Perfect way to recycle kitchen scraps. # Attractive look for your kitchen. # Generous 1 gallon capacity. # Durable mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel. # Easy-h READ MORE
Garden composting: To make garden compost, some of the composting equipment you will need might include a compost container or compost drum, a compost sifter, a compost turner. Compost tumbler plans will come in handy if you are planning on building your own compost tumblers. You could also buy a compost machine.
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