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Garden Chrysanthemums


Autumn Fire Chrysanthemums1
Autumn Red Chrysanthemums1
Baby Tears Chrysanthemums1
Beth Chrysanthemums1
Betty Lou Maxi-mumTM Chrysanthemums1
Bonnie Chrysanthemums1
Bright Gretchen Chrysanthemums1
Bristol White Chrysanthemums1
Burnt Copper Chrysanthemums1
Cajun Spice Chrysanthemums1
Cameo Chrysanthemums1
Centennial Sun Chrysanthemums1
Centerpiece Chrysanthemums1
Clara Curtis Chrysanthemums1
Coral Daisy Chrysanthemums1
Dark Bronze Daisy Chrysanthemums1
Darlene Chrysanthemums1
Dorothy Degn Chrysanthemums1
Dreamweaver Chrysanthemums1
Emily Chrysanthemums1
Emperor of China Chrysanthemums1
Fanfare Mix Chrysanthemums1
Firestorm Chrysanthemums1
Flashy Gretchen Chrysanthemums1
Gold Country Chrysanthemums1
Gold Strike Chrysanthemums1
Golden Jubilee Chrysanthemums1
Grandchild Chrysanthemums2
Grape Glow Chrysanthemums1
Helen Chrysanthemums1
Jennifer Chrysanthemums1
Jenny Wren Red Chrysanthemums1
Lantern Glow Chrysanthemums1
Lemonsota Chrysanthemums1
Maroon Pride Chrysanthemums1
Matchsticks Chrysanthemums1
Mellow Moon Chrysanthemums1
Minngopher Chrysanthemums1
Minnruby Chrysanthemums2
Minnwhite Chrysanthemums
Morden Cameo Chrysanthemums1
Morden Canary Chrysanthemums1
Morden Candy Chrysanthemums1
Morden Delight Chrysanthemums1
Morden Fiesta Chrysanthemums1
Pancho Chrysanthemums1
Peach Centerpiece Chrysanthemums1
Pink Daisy Chrysanthemums1
Powder River Chrysanthemums1
Prairie Lavender Chrysanthemums1
Red Daisy Chrysanthemums1
Rhapsody Chrysanthemums1
Rose Blush Chrysanthemums2
Rose Grenadine Chrysanthemums2
Royal Knight Chrysanthemums1
Ruby Mound Chrysanthemums1
Sea Urchin Chrysanthemums1
Sesquicentennial Sun Chrysanthemums2
Showbiz Chrysanthemums2
Small Wonder Chrysanthemums2
Snowscape Chrysanthemums2
Snowsota Chrysanthemums2
Starlet Chrysanthemums2
Suncatcher Chrysanthemums1
Sunny Morning Chrysanthemums2
Tabitha Chrysanthemums1
Tiger Tail Chrysanthemums1
Twilight Pink Daisy Chrysanthemums1
Ursula Chrysanthemums1
Vicki Chrysanthemums1
White Daisy Chrysanthemums2
Yellow Quill Chrysanthemums1
Zonta Chrysanthemums1

Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema)

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(den-dran' thah-mah)(chri-san' thah-mum) Common name:Garden Chrysanthemum Family:Asteraceae, Aster Height x width: 1-2' x 1-2' (to 3' x 3' in zones 6-9) depending on variety Growth rate: m READ MORE
Garden Chrysanthemums
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