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Flower Meanings

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Did you know flowers have meanings associated with them? And, that there are flowers befitting specific occasions? Flowers are a part of most important occasions in our lives. They are conspicuousl READ MORE

Lavandula Munstead - Google Images

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Lavandula Munstead - Google Images ©2009 Google READ MORE

Fall-Flowering Gardens: Creating Color and Interest During the Off-Season

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By Nikki Phipps Flower gardens need not be restricted to spring and summer enjoyment. There are many plants that bloom throughout the fall season as well. In fact, fall flower gardens not only prov READ MORE

The Perfect Garden

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As any garden lover knows, "perennial" refers to more than just a type of flower. It also is indicative of many things related to gardening -- a perennial fight to keep the weeds and pests out, a pe READ MORE

The Gardener's Network: How to Grow Flowers - Flower Gardening

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How to Grow Flowers, and lots of them! Flower gardening is an absolutely wonderful hobby for millions of Americans. While we commonly think of a few dozen types of flowers that we typically grow, the READ MORE

Flower Gardening Made Easy

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Do you love flower gardening? Are you dreaming of creating a stunning garden? Searching for the best flowers and growing information? To get started on your perennial garden, you need knowledg READ MORE
Flower Gardening: For many people working with flowers can be fun and relaxing. There are many flowers to choose from in different sizes, colors, and textures. Flowers can be used along with garden decor such as garden lighting, arbors, and fences. Do your research to find the best garden design for your flower gardens.
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