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Drought Damage to Trees


Effects of Drought Stress on Trees and Landscape Plants

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Let's blame El Niño or La Niña for something else. During times of drought, trees and landscape plants often show the effects of the hot, dry weather. The drought of 1999 and 2000 has had an impact READ MORE

Protect trees from drought damage

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By Tom Kessler August 3, 2011 With much of the midsection of the nation suffering a drought — 99 percent of Texas! — you’ll notice that the grass isn’t greener on either side of the fence READ MORE

Drought Information Climate, weather, and drought information

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CLIMVIS Information - National Climate Data Center NOAA's Drought Information Center NOAA National Drought Map - Long Term Palmer © 2012 College of Agricultural Sciences READ MORE

Long-term Drought Effects on Trees and Shrubs

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Category: Environmental Stress Recurring and prolonged periods of drought seem to have become commonplace in many regions of the country in recent years. The effects on trees and shrubs can often be READ MORE

Dealing with Drought

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Hot dry summers and winter winds can often cause damage to trees and shrubs. Drought reduces the amount of water available in the soil that trees can take up. Injury to the tree occurs when more water READ MORE

Caring for Trees in a Dry Climate

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This area is naturally a semi-arid, shortgrass prairie that would have few trees without irrigation. Growing trees here is difficult in wet years let alone in drought years. Drought makes growing heal READ MORE

Drought Damage to Trees

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Dr. Kim D. Coder Professor, Silvics/Ecology Warnell School of Forest Resources The University of Georgia April 1999 Water is the most limiting ecological resource for most tree and forest si READ MORE
Drought Damage to Trees
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