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Cacti and Succulents Gardening


West Texas Plants

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West Texas Plants P.O. Box 371 Terlingua, TX 79852 Toll Free: 877-371-3270 Fax: 432-371-3270 READ MORE


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Like everything at Mooseys Country Garden, my succulents are starting to outgrow their allocated space. I know from my frost experiences that they can't easily be planted in the garden itself, though READ MORE

Care of Cactus in the Home

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This NebGuide discusses the care of cacti as houseplants. Dale T. Lindgren, Extension Specialist Jay B. Fitzgerald, Extension Specialist Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture an READ MORE

How To Grow Cactus and Succulents

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For the gardener who has only a few odd minutes to spare for plant cultivation, growing cactuses and succulents as houseplants will give you a great amount of satisfaction. Copyright 2007 Cactusgro READ MORE
Cacti and Succulents Gardening: Cacti and succulents gardening is good for the gardener with a limited amount of time since they are plants that require less attention then many other plants. Cacti can take up a small amount of room and can work well as houseplants. Cacti usually are propagated by cuttings, seeds, or offsets. Fall and winter cacti plants do best at cooler temperatures to develop sturdier plants and encourage the formation of flowers.
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