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Bird Feeders


Shaw Creek Bird Supply

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Shaw Creek Farms 2019 Co.Rd. 137 Cardington, Ohio 43315 READ MORE

How to Make a Bird Feeder?

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If you have decided you wish to have your own bird feeder in the backyard and have often wondered how to make one, then read on to know more about bird feeders and how to make these at home. If you READ MORE

Bird Feeders - Homemade Bird Feeders

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Who doesn't like the sound of chirping birds early in the morning? Though It is possible, it would not happen daily on its own. You can apply a trick to have this soothing entertainment everyday READ MORE

Choosing a Bird Feeder

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Bird feeders are an important supplemental source of food for birds. The type of feeder you choose and the feed in it will determine the birds that are attracted. Lowe's is happy to provide this infor READ MORE

Cleaning Bird Feeders

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Cleaning bird feeders is not the most enjoyable part of backyard birding, but it is very important. A clean bird feeder looks good - but more importantly, it provides clean, fresh wild bird seed, h READ MORE

All Bird Feeders: Articles Directory

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Advantages of a cat bird feeder Setting up a bird feeder for the secretive catbird has its advantages. Though it might not seem like a great idea, feeding these birds does have a good side. Read More READ MORE

Bird Feeding Chart

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Bird, Food Suggestions, Feeder Suggestions, Range Maps The Backyard Bird Company was founded in 1998 by Kirk and Kristina DeVries. The small home-based business began by designing and manufacturing READ MORE
Bird Feeders: Placing bird feeders throughout your yard is a good way of using garden decor to attract birds to your yard. Placing bushes, flowers, hedges, plants, bird feeders,and bird baths throughout your yard is also a good way to attract birds to your yard.
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