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Bird Bath Water Wiggler


Water Wiggler?

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IVillage, Inc 500 Seventh Ave, 14th Floor New York, NY 10018 Phone: 732 247 6420 READ MORE

Bird Bath Water Wigglers, Misters, Drippers

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Birds are strongly attracted by the motion and noise of dripping water. The sound of water dripping into can attract flycatchers, warblers, thrushes and many birds that otherwise will not normally vis READ MORE

Water Wiggler - Protect Your Bird Bath with a Water Wiggler

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There are a couple of problems we all face at one time or another with a bird bath. First we want to attract birds to our baths, and we want to make sure they bath is safe for the birds and for us. Or READ MORE

Water Wiggler

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Intro Water Wiggler A water wiggler is a device you put in your bird bath stir up the water. By "wiggling" the water it keeps mosquitos from laying eggs in what would otherwise be a stagnant pool of READ MORE
Bird Bath Water Wiggler: Bird bath water wigglers, misters and drippers attract many types of birds to a birdbath. The birds are attracted by the motion and noise of moving water. The wiggling of the water also helps prevent spread of West Nile Virus.
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